Adapt Media Agency is a Charlotte North Carolina based, full service digital marketing agency focusing on emerging and medium sized organizations.   Adapt Media looks to CHANGE the way you approach your digital marketing.  Our team's efforts aim to improve market visibility, streamline lead generation processes and ultimately increase sales revenue dramatically. 

Some of Our Satisfied Clients

The Only Constant is Change

Derek - CEO

The Darwinism notion states it’s not the strongest that survive. Rather, the species that survives AND thrives is the one that is most able to ADAPT & change.

As the founder of Adapt You & Adapt Media, Derek is committed to helping people & businesses do one thing - CHANGE.

At age 13, Derek’s journey as an entrepreneur began with the neighborhood phone directory and cold calling 120+ homes to pitch his lawn care services, with equipment he didn’t yet own!  With sheer persistence & an innate affinity for marketing, he landed 35+ clients that year, spawning this young entrepreneur.

After graduating with a degree in Marketing, Derek headed into “big corporate”.  Quickly moving up the ranks with companies such as ADP, Covidien and Allergan, he amassed key learnings, though he felt his ability to influence necessary change was caged. So he made a career and life-altering decision to go out on his own.  He ADAPT'ed.

From 2012-Present Derek founded and ran 3 highly successful organizations in the medical field. Over the years, his companies have scaled national sales teams to exceed 2500+, developed cutting edge software, and disrupted an industry that desperately needed it.  

Through both personal & professional journeys, Derek has become fascinated & committed to helping people/businesses execute the change needed to grow and thrive. Through this passion, Adapt You & Adapt Media were born. 

With the top ranked “Adapt You” Podcast & focus on impacting others, Derek has rubbed elbows with influencers such as Tony Robins, David Goggins, and James “The Ironcowboy” Lawrence.  He helps his personal coaching clients tap into who they are, what they want & who they wish to become.

Derek’s Adapt Media Agency inspires businesses to change how they market themselves. He believes change is both an art and a science. Steadfast in his commitment to helping others navigate this challenging process, Derek is the person individuals & businesses look to to take bold steps towards radical change. 

Meet the Team

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Ali, Chief Developer

Faruk, Lead Developer

Krish, Web Developer

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Amy, Chief Financial Officer

Parry, Chief SEO Strategist

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