Website Editing Collaboration Made Easy

How it Works

Zipboard is a website editing collaborative tool we use to make the editing process as painless as possible.  Once you receive your website for review we will need your feedback, edits and changes.  It can be difficult to communicate what those changes are through just explanation alone?  How do you explain to us what section of the site you are referencing, and exactly the change you want... Zipboard makes it easy.  

Once you are logged in you can take screenshots of the BETA site sections you wish to communicate change and annotate directly on those screenshots with ease

Please watch the short video below and then the instructions in writing below on how to edit!

**Please use Zipboard in Google Chrome Browser**

After You Log-in

Once you receive an "INVITE" and create your password you will be taken to a screen that looks something like this below.   Click on the named project on the board.  In this example, click on "Stoked Wholesale".  **Reminder: make sure you are using a Google Chrome browser.

Project Board

Once you hit your project board (like seen below), click the button in the upper right hand corner that says "Review Content".

Review Content

A "Review Content" box will pop up, click on the button to the far right of the pop-up that says "Review".  You may be prompted to download a Google Chrome extension, please download this if asked.  Additionally, you may (or may not) be prompted to log back in if the BETA site is on a non-secure server.  This is rarely done, but if so.... simply re-login and follow the steps.

Scroll And Screenshot

Now you will see your website... yay!!  Scroll through the site and take a look!  Once you reach a spot that you'd like to provide feedback and edits, click the green camera icon (the first one of the three to the left... NOT the video camera icon).  This will create a screen shot and pull up the annotation tools.

Annotate Screenshot

Now you have your screen shot you can use the variety of annotation tools at the top of the page.  You can add comments, circle things, use arrows as well as a variety of other annotation tools.  Annotate away.  Once you are done with the particular screen and are ready to move on, simply click "browse" and you can move to the next section you wish to screen shot!

Once you are done simply close out of your browser and notify us via Monday you are done... all of your changes save automatically.


With your thorough feedback we understand your edits thoroughly and make them quickly!  Feel free to contact us VIA "Monday" if you have questions on how to use this powerful tool!

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