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Eager to find more investors for your real estate syndication or capital raising venture? Wondering how to reach them, make your voice heard in a crowded marketplace, and gain their trust? The solution is simpler than you might think. It all comes down to understanding your target market’s problem, empathizing with it, and positioning yourself as their trusted guide in solving it.

A proficient marketing partner can help you identify these key elements, craft a compelling narrative that resonates with your potential investors, and build a relationship based on trust and mutual understanding. It’s not just about shouting louder, but about speaking the language of your target market, addressing their needs, and proving that you are the solution they’ve been looking for. With the right approach, you can turn potential investors into committed partners on your journey to success.

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Adapt Media Agency has developed websites and lead generation machines for over 200+ syndicators across a wide array of asset classes, from Self Storage, Industrial, Commercial, Retail, Multifamily, and more.

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One of the most important things a syndicator needs is a thought leadership platform and a VOICE!  There are many ways to get your name out there and showcase your expertise to earn the trust of would-be investors.  One of the greatest ways is through both an Audio and Video Podcast!

Starting, recording, editing, posting, and managing a podcast can be daunting and overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be.  To sum it up, we need just 4 HOURS of your time, and then we handle all the rest!  Here are just a few of the 50 shows we currently manage:

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The reality is that MOST people who visit your website are going to leave and never come back again.  This makes it difficult to contact, engage and nurture these relationships over time.  We strongly encourage that your website has a Lead Magnet that is so enticing that nearly every visitor MUST have it!  Once you have the almighty email address, you can now stay in contact with those website visitors.


Adapt Media Agency will help you develop and brand your customized Lead Magnet.  If you don’t have the content, we’ll provide it for you from our library of pre-established lead magnets.  We work to develop both written and video versions to deliver the “must have” for those website visitors.

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Engagement with your growing list is the key to developing the long term trust and future investment dollars.  Websites are a critical “top of the funnel” necessity to initially engage your investors.  Once engaged the “bottom of the funnel” email/text nurturing campaigns are what makes all the difference.

Adapt Media Agency will work closely with you to create that bottom-of-the-funnel machine aimed at engaging and nurturing your potential investors

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Great at what you do, but maybe don’t have time to spell it out in words?  No worries we’ll write it for you!  Our ghost writing services can help in the following areas:

  • Website copywriting
  • Social Media Posts
  • Blog Posts

All we need is the subject you are looking to cover and we’ll research it, write it and cite it!

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With over 25 years of professional videography experience, CEO Derek Peterson is a HUGE believer of video.

Did you know that four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. (data*)… True Story!  Adapt Media’s Video Production team can help you deliver the digital story telling you and your customers want.


The about page is the second most commonly visited page on a website next to the home page.  Nobody is going to read those boring BIO’s… but they sure to watch them!


Tell your story of who you serve, the problem you solve and how you are the best in the business to serve your customers needs.


The hero image is the first image you see when you first open a website up.  Within the first 7 seconds we need to quickly and concisely engage the customer, explain the problem we are solving and give them a specific call to action!  One of the best ways to give that high-end and engaging imagery is via a Video HERO.  All of our clients will have a custom-created video HERO as seen on some of the following websites:


There is no better way to tell a story than video… unless it’s interactive video!  Check out the example below of a video in which you can make decisions and choices within  the video to take them to different parts of the website and specific calls to action.  This video is wildly effective in conversions

Social Media Facts:

  • 54% of social browsers used social media to research their products and services
  • 3.5 billion people are on social media, that’s half the world
  • The average person spends 3 hours a day on social media… that’s a LOT
  • 73% of marketers believe social media has been“somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their business
  • 49% of consumers rely on influencer recommendations on social media

Why Should You Post Regularly:

  • Brand Awareness – Rounding out your brand comes from delivering your product message in every environment it’s seen… social is a huge one!
  • Reach – Your audience and their attention is on social media. You need to be where the attention is.
  • Social Proof – Like it or not, you’ll be judged on your product and services based on how your social media pops.
  • More Shares & Better SERPS – Trending on social media is beneficial for your business because it gets you more shares and increases your SERP Ranking (search engine results page). Post regularly, as that increases your search-ability.

Services To Meet Your Social Media Needs:

  • Social Media Creation and Curation
  • Brand Development
  • Posting to ALL platforms
  • Content writing
  • Paid Social Advertising


  • 93% of online searches begin with a search engine.
  • 75% of people ever go to page two of the search results.
  • 61% of users research a product prior to purchasing.

Every day billions of people use the internet to search for products and services. The only way to ensure that you are the business they choose is to focus on your performance in search engine results. SEO services provide the means to stand out in organic search results by focusing on quality keyword targeting through information rich content and link building.  90% of consumers will search Google when looking for your service. Let our SEO experts help you to stand out above the competition.

Curious to see your current SEO health?  CLICK HERE to run a FREE SEO Audit on your website and see how you stand out (or not standout) above the competition.

There is no greater way to capture would be investors searching the internet and bring them to your website than PPC Advertising.

So what is PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online advertising model in which advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their online ads.

There are different types of PPC ads, but one of the most common types is the paid search ad. These ads appear when people search for things online using a search engine like Google – especially when they are performing commercial searches, meaning that they’re looking for something to buy. This could be anything from a mobile search (someone looking for “sushi near me” on their phone) to a local service search (someone looking for a lawyer or a doctor in their area) to someone shopping for a gift (“Father’s Day Gifts”). Searches like these trigger PPC ads.

With PPC advertising, businesses running ads are only charged when a user actually clicks on their ad, hence the name “pay-per-click.”

Other forms of PPC advertising include display advertising (typically, serving banner ads) and remarketing ads.

Adapt Media Agency runs PPC campaigns and provides the data, metrics and statistics of your advertising budget at work.

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CEO Derek Peterson has raised over 40 million for real estate investment across a variety of asset classes and currently sits on the GP Team for 10Y, a Phoenix-based BTR developer standing up over 200 MM in ground-up development.  We don’t just market in this space, we are in this space!


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