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Powerful Online Marketing Services in Charlotte, NC

There is one constant in marketing… change! What works today, may not work tomorrow. Adaptation of your business’s market presence requires a rigorous digital evaluation of your current online marketing approach and the necessary change to make it thrive. You have worked hard to build this business, and deserve the customers to make it thrive. Adapt Media Agency is a premier digital marketing company operating in Charlotte, NC Area, that provides a full range of digital marketing services for health and wealth businesses designed to promote growth. We focus on maximizing your ROI by increasing conversions and establishing your brand as a leader in your industry.

What Are Your Needs?

Your business needs to speak clearly to its customers, but what services do you need to achieve this? We’ve made it super simple in the interactive video below. Watch the short video and answer the questions within the video and you’ll be taken to the correct section of the website… boom!

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Words Don’t Matter… RESULTS DO

Website  Design

The Team & Talent to Help You Succeed.

You are incredibly passionate about your customers and serving their needs. That love shines through in every
interaction you have, and it’s why people do business with you and your business.

To simplify, amplify and bring that passion to the forefront you need a true partner. We’ve helped hundreds of
businesses realize their goals, drive their companies forward and create mind blowingly happy customers.

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SEO Services

It’s Great to Have a Website… It’s Better if Customers Visit it!

Most internet users begin their session by searching for something—that something is a need. People use the internet to fulfill their need for information, whether it’s settling a bet on who’s on the Two Dollar Bill (Thomas Jefferson, by the way) or finding a perfect piece of clothing, the ideal contractor for a home remodel, or a local restaurant,

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of helping your customers connect with your business online.

Our team uses modern SEO services, backed by the best digital practices, and years of experience  to increase your traffic & rankings for vetted keywords and long-tail phrases that drive business to your stunning website.

Pay Per Click Ads

Click Click …. BOOM!

Rocket to the TOP of page one of Google tomorrow with a professionally structured, meticulously detailed, transparently monitored and highly successful PPC program.

Video Production

Tell Your Story… Connect With Your Customers

Did you know that four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. (data*)… True Story! Adapt Media’s Video Production team can help you deliver the digital story telling you and your customers want.






Real Estate

Interactive Video

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Clients Said…

Adapt Media Agency’s process, follow through, professionalism and quality of work far exceeded our expectations. They created a website that blew our minds how it looked and functioned and we’ve now just hired them for videography and SEO work! HIGHLY recommend these guys for your digital marketing!!!

-Jeff White

We used Derek for our website on our new business and he has done an outstanding job! The moment we talked on the phone , I felt like I knew him already and he knew exactly what we were looking for. He walked us threw the whole process so we never felt lost. We were able to contact him whenever we needed as he was always available to help us out. I am very pleased with everything and look forward to keep using him for other services that we need moving forward ! Thank you so much Derek for everything you have done we really appreciate you !!

-Heather Stefanelli

Derek and his team was amazing to work with ! Seriously ! My website looks amazing they helped me even after the payment was fulfilled! Just a true team ! I will refer them to anyone that’s serious about their business !! I happy I chose to work with them.


Derek and his team created a great website for my business. They were very responsive and flexible with me throughout the process. Highly recommend.

-Kevin McGrath

I had a fantastic experience with Adapt Media Agency. Derek and his team were patient and easy to work with, and somehow knew what we were wanting when we weren’t quite sure how to describe it. The result is a beautiful, fun, professional website and we are so pleased. We could not have designed a website with this level of quality on our own. Thank you Adapt Media Agency!

-Dana Gillispie

Derek and his team at Adapt Media were creative and flexible! They implemented my vision while offering their expert advise in WIX design and development to generate an amazing outcome.

-Rob Metzler

Derek at Adapt Media had been a joy to work with, professional, timely, and most importantly, designed an A+ website for my business. I appreciate his dedication to customer service and also truly listening to my needs as a client. I’m thrilled I decided to use Derek for my business website, and will continue to use Adapt Agency from all other projects of this nature in the Future. 10 out of 10.

-Jessica Robbins

Derek designed my website and it looks great. He’s been incredibly helpful in getting my business exposed online!

-Daniel Campen

Adapt Media Agency has brought tremendous business to our boutique hotel in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Through their videography we have been able to show off our hotel in social media and to interested clients! We recommend them highly!

-The DeBenson91

Derek is the best in the business!!


Truly amazing company. Derek and his team helped me build the business of my dreams. I am truly grateful for his marketing/video/SEO/ branding expertise. He has taken me from non-existent to an online powerhouse! Thank you Adapt Media for capturing my authenticity and personality perfectly:) You are certainly one of a kind.

-Jenn Benson

Not only is the website and video content beautiful, but their agency made our business rank quickly!! Highly recommend these guys!


While I pride myself on being an expert in my field, as the CEO of a leadership consulting agency, I am the first to admit where my skill set is lacking. I knew I needed assistance in building out a captivating website that really captured the essence of the market I aimed to stake my claim in. Insert “Adapt Media Agency”! Derek and his team took the time to truly get to know me and my goals as an entrepreneur. With my input, AMA did a magnificent job in creating a cutting edge, perfectly tailored and expertly curated website, where the feedback on the user experience has far outperformed my expectations. Couple that with the masterful implementation of a well thought out and executed SEO strategy and we’ve seen our placement in the search realm strike a massive shift towards the top of the queue! The results speak for themselves and I’d highly recommend reaching out to Adapt Media Agency if you’re looking to significantly level up your business and online presence. Thank me later!

-Tim Patno

The agency help be build my website and travel business. I had no idea where to even start or what to say. They build an amazing site that generates an insane amount of leads for my business. Their SEO services after the build has rocketed me to the top of google for my keywords. Working closely with their videography team now to create a series of videos as the few videos we created were AMAZING ! I’m not one to take the time to leave reviews, but made a point here as they have exceeded my expectations!

-amy rucker

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Who Are We?

Adapt Media was founded by successful entrepreneur, social influencer, author and speaker Derek Peterson who’s work focuses on “adaptation and change” in all aspects of life & business.  Derek strongly believes that the one thing people resist the MOST is what we must embrace… CHANGE… especially when it comes to business and digital marketing! 

The ability to adapt and pivot to the constantly changing business world requires a keen eye on the evolving digital marketplace, as well as a flare for creativity to stand out in the sea of growing businesses.

What’s Your Problem

We Haven’t Seen a Challenge We Wouldn’t Take…Let’s Change Your Marketing

Running a business can be tough. So many elements you need to juggle like sales, operations, finance, inventory and employees to name a few. As business owners we are usually the best at our core services and WHAT WE DO! Restaurant owners are usually amazing cooks, gym owners are typically fantastic coaches, and tax accountants are often wizards with finance. Focus on what YOU are good at and consider partnering with Adapt Media Agency to do what WE are good at… digital marketing. We take pride in taking the stress out of our clients hands as it relates to how they will market their business. Click below to schedule a no commitment consultation and see how we can help change the way you market your business.

Free Website Audit

Do you know how your website’s SEO and Social is performing?

Google’s algorithm keeps changing and if your marketing doesn’t change with it, you could be losing visitors and customers every day. Get a closer look at your search engine optimization score with an IMMEDIATE audit!The first step to changing your marketing is understanding it’s weaknesses!

How Will an SEO Company Help Me Get More Customers?

Every day, thousands of people in your area will be using the internet to search for a business in your industry that offers the same products and services as you. The only way to ensure that you are the business they choose is to focus on your performance in search engine results. SEO services provide the means to stand out in organic search results by focusing on quality keyword targeting through information rich content and link building. Let our SEO experts help you to stand out above the competition.