Have you ever asked yourself if you deserve more love in a relationship?

Do you desire an emotionally healthy partner for marriage and a family?

Did you divorce a toxic partner and want to get back into the dating scene?

Are you in a toxic relationship or marriage right now and are questioning whether you should stay or go?

Are you in the LGBTQ community and struggling with happiness, love and relationships?

If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions or questions like this then you will love this week’s podcast with Riana Milne.

Riana is a therapist that has helped so many people through trauma in their past and helped them get on the right path with their relationships.

In this podcast, she shares many different kinds of trauma and the symptoms that can manifest in our relationships. She shares how she helps her clients work through that trauma and have more healthy relationships.

Listen to The Podcast Here

About Riana Milne

Riana Milne was selected by Wealth Insider Magazine as “One of the Top 10 Coaches to Follow for 2022” and was featured in a FORBES Magazine article: “6 Tips to Achieve Success as a Female Entrepreneur.”

With over 40 years of speaking at universities, conferences, school in-service days, as a guest for podcasts, radio/tv shows, and various summits; Riana would be honored to speak at your event too.

Featured on FOX, ABC, CBS, and NBC, speaking about how to Heal the Trauma of 911 and other situations, Riana teaches women, men, students, and couples of all ages how to overcome past unhealed and unconscious Childhood or Love Relationship Trauma, that leads to fear, anxiety, depression, addiction and emotional triggers that emerge later in life; impacting their level of Success in Life, Love Partnerships, Interpersonal Relationships, or in Business.

Riana gives educational, motivational and inspirational speeches to college graduates and employees during difficult company challenges to help the work environment improve. She will tailor her speech to your individual and corporate needs. She explains how to develop a Conscious Mindset for Success, to Increase Self Confidence and Improve Balance in all Life areas, and How to have Winning Communication Skills.

Let Riana help you, your employees, or school or university students to Create the Life They Desire & to Have the Love and Business Relationships Everyone Deserves.

Key Points From the Episode:

  • Riana talks about helping others heal from trauma
  • She shares her journey to healing her trauma
  • She goes through her childhood trauma checklist and her individualized coaching for clients with personal trauma
  • How you can recognize trauma symptoms and how her coaching process can help you.

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