Imagine growing up with a red phone in your house that rang in the middle of the night… and it was the President of the United States!!

Our guest Ginny Dent Brant grew up in that lifestyle as her father was a senator who served under 3 presidents! Ginny had a nontraditional upbringing that most never experience, to which she experienced stresses that most don’t have to!

In 2015 Ginny found a lump in her breast after her wedding ring caught in her nightgown. After diagnosing an aggressive form of breast cancer, Ginny was left confused.

“Why Me? I’m healthy, I take care of myself, I exercise and eat well… this shouldn’t happen to me.”

Ginny soon realized that her definition of healthy, and the definition MOST PEOPLE think is healthy, is indeed… NOT HEALTHY AT ALL! Ginny, bound and determined to change her lifestyle, did profound research and made an incredible immediate change to her many habits so many make.

Through this change, she not only beat cancer, but her process was also less damaging and painful. Additionally, she has researched and implemented 8 steps she took to prevent it from coming back!

Finally, she details some of her 8 steps that those suffering from cancer today can take to turn the tides on their disease. Moreover, these 8 steps from her book act as a guide that we can ALL TAKE to be TRULY healthy and prevent cancer, versus today’s misguided vision of “healthy.”

Don’t miss this one. It might just save your life! Join us for this week’s episode and learn from an incredible woman with fantastic insight and knowledge.

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About Riana Milne

Ginny grew up in the halls of power in Washington, DC where her father served a senator and three presidents. She served on the front lines of our culture for 28 years as a teacher, counselor and adjunct professor. Her life grants me a unique perspective and a view of the world from God’s perspective.

She has a passion for studying, teaching God’s word and missions. She served as a Trustee of the International Mission Board for eight years. Her husband has participated in mission work in Yemen, Gaza, the Czech Republic, Russia, China, and Romania.

Her faith defines my life. Her devotion to my family defines my character. She values my freedom as my gift from God which enables me to do His will. Her freedom in Christ can never be taken away. She is heaven bound realizing that only what’s done for Christ will matter forever.

Key Points From the Episode:

  • Ginny’s story. Experience with Watergate. Having cancer. Did a lot of praying for
  • She talks about having stage 4 aggressive cancer and having to get a second opinion at a specialty center at what you have been diagnosis with
  • Ginny paints a picture of the moment when she was diagnosed with breast cancer
  • How managing stress is the key part of getting through any cancer or disease diagnosis
  • Stress can help to cause the cancer and disease
  • She talks about the purpose of what she is doing. She wants to prevent people from getting cancer and having to deal with everything she had to endure with being diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Exercise and sweat is what helps get rid of a toxic chemical
  • You need to pump the lymphatic system as it is your garbage disposal system to get rid of viruses through moving daily
  • Cancer is born through our lifestyle, the stresses and conveniences
  • Ginny compares her book to Wizard of oz being like Dorthy finding her way back home to a normal life. Her book is about pulling back the curtain on cancer
  • How are toxins getting into our system? through our skin, water and air… Control what you can control by eating organic as much as you can and filter our water… Change your lifestyle
  • When you change your lifestyle, it seems to others like it is extreme to filter water, air and watch what is eaten
  • Organic market is growing, if more people stand up to say this is what we want then there will be more food that is farm correctly
  • What will be the one thing to take from this podcast? We have a miraculous self
  • healing body and we need to be a part of our own cure… Don’t expect the doctors to do
  • everything, it is your responsibility first

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