I would like to introduce to you an incredible women name Sunday Oliver.

Sunday has a very interesting story. In her early twenties, she made a decision that she had a connection with nature and she spent the better half of nearly 30 years living without running water or electricity.

Sunday talks about that experience as well as the special gifts she has used to heal herself and others.

In this episode, we will go through a live session and you will see the incredible demonstration of the healing process she gives to her clients.

Keep an open mind when watching this podcast and you might learn something profound.

Join us for this week’s episode and learn from an incredible woman with amazing insight and knowledge.

Listen to The Podcast Here

About Sunday Oliver

Sunday always felt unseen realities behind what we commonly call reality, and wondered why other people didn’t. Eventually she realized that, while everyone is a healer, we get a sort of knockout drug when we’re born on earth, and most people forget pretty early on what we’re capable of. 

Sunday is one of the people who couldn’t do that, and is here to remind people of who they are, so they can solve some of the personal, social, and planetary problems that seem so unsolvable from a “normal” point of view and learn to enjoy and share enjoyment in the life around them.

Sunday has over 40 years experience of botany, plant spirit connection, and planetary relationships with plants, including a BA in literature and plant medicine.

She has trained in nutrition, color healing, sound and music healing, magnetic healing, flower essences, quantum touch, Reiki, essential oils, shamanic and ceremonial work, and more.

Her aim is to give you the support and knowledge you need to heal yourself and live a richer, more deeply enjoyable life. Her ideal is to help you find your own power so that just the way you move in the world will heal those around you.

Key Points From the Episode:

  • Sunday shares her incredible story of transformation.
  • She tells us about shamanism and her journey through spiritual growth.
  • She tells us how she tunes into other dimensions and channels healing.
  • She talks about the time she has spent in nature and the change her perspective from spending her time there.
  • Sunday lived with illness until she changed her perspective and changed her life.
  • She does a live demonstration on me and it was very exciting to see the results.

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