Allow me to introduce to you the amazing and insightful Izolda Trakhtenberg.
Before running her own business, Izolda traveled the world as a NASA Master Trainer transforming people’s perspectives on our planet through a mindful teaching process. She’s released four books on communication, collaboration, and self-improvement. Izolda helps people and companies find their voices and become cohesive, focused teams. Through her work, your people will coalesce as a focused unit. They can get inspired to solve problems creatively, be more innovative, and take part in the company conversation. Some will also find and develop leadership skills as a natural outcropping the work together she does together with you.
In this podcast she tells us about a formula called the THREE C’s that she uses as a major driver in her programs…. something we’ll talk in great length about.
Nowadays you’ll find her speaking at conferences, traveling the world, or singing for hundreds of people — all while interviewing peak performers on creative leadership, innovation, and mindfulness on her podcast, The Innovative Mindset – a twice-weekly show dedicated to mindful innovation and collaboration.
Please join us for this incredible podcast, filled with life lessons from such an incredible man with a life changing story.

Listen to The Podcast Here

About Izolda Trakhtenberg

My career has been spent in various forms of workshop facilitation and communication, creativity, and education. Born in Moldova, my family spent a year immigrating to the USA. During that time, I honed my intuitive and quick-thinking skills when we spent seven months living in a war zone. Additionally, exposure to many cultures and languages forged my goal to connect people through creativity and mindful collaboration. And frankly, art and music kept me alive during life in transience and as a survivor of child abuse.

I spent many years as a full-time singer and multi-instrumentalist musician and still lead and manage one of the premier holiday caroling groups in the USA.
While I didn’t end up performing music in front of thousands of screaming fans, my music and writing experiences have allowed me to help clients, businesses, and organizations innovate and to build creative collaborative teams and cultures.

Key Points From the Episode:

  • Izolda shares her incredible story of travelling the world, living in Israel and Detroit and the challenges she faced
  • She talks about how she had to adapt to change and build confidence within herself
  • She shares the three C’s: Creativity, Collaboration, Compassion and how she uses that in her everyday life as well as helps others achieve their best life
  • Live the dream you had as a kid
  • Don’t let fear control you.  
  • Your ideas are worth hearing especially by you
  • How mindfulness is important in our everyday life
  • She talks about the ripple effect and how every choice we make ripples out and affects our life.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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