Grief. We all face it at some point in our lives, some harder than others. Grief can come in a variety of different ways, shapes, and forms, it can come in the form of a loss of a loved one or a loss of potentially a job, or an opportunity, a loss of freedoms, really the keyword being lost. We lose something. We go through a grieving process and it can be challenging.
This week’s podcast is going to help us understand grief through her story and journey of becoming a widow.
I want to introduce to you the wonderfully inspiring Alison Pena also known as The Bad Widow.
Alison began calling herself The Bad Widow after she lost her husband who died in her arms of pancreatic cancer in 2016. She tells us how after feeling completely broken down by her loss and getting lots of well-meaning advice, she decided to be a different kind of widow and ignored all the bad assumptions, and chose to honor her boundaries, and live her life on her own terms.
Alison Pena now helps widowers and those who have lost loved ones with strategies to maintain existing relationships, build new ones, and ultimately find love.
In this podcast, you get to hear her heart-wrenching story of grief and you get to
understand her process of grieving, a process that she teaches to her many clients.
This is a great podcast for those who are going through grief or will face it one day. For those who have people in their life that are grieving and really how to best approach and manage them.
Please join us for this incredible podcast, filled with life lessons from such an incredible woman with an inspiring story.

Listen to The Podcast Here

Key Points From the Episode:

  • Alison tells us The story of The Bad Widow
  •  She shares how she and her husband prioritized their lives after getting diagnosed with cancer
  • only doing what brought them joy and how they cut out all things that were toxic and unnecessary.
  • She tells us her mindset through the challenges she faced and her thought process in “this pain must serve more than just me”
  • When the clock was put on her she changed her perspective and chose to live in the present, appreciating life more.
  • Life is not about the product, it’s about the process
  • She shares with us about her life after the loss of her husband.
  • Alison helps us understand grief and shares tips to help manage it as well as what we as loved ones can do to help someone grieving.
  • reengage reinvent rebuild

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