Allow me to introduce Podcaster, Author, Fitness Trainer, and Life Coach Jenn Benson. Jenn is an absolute superstar when it comes to helping her female clients become the absolute best versions of themselves. Whether its mind, body or spirit related issues … Jenn has the innate ability of helping her clients overcome these challenges in simple, manageable, and actionable steps.

In this episode she teaches us the power of the pen and how journaling can makes a tremendous impact on changing your life. Tune in and tap into this Jenn’s superpowers on your way of becoming the best version of yourself.

Listen to The Podcast Here

About Jenn

Jenn Benson ditched the hustle of her corporate sales job to pursue a life of freedom, health, and fulfillment. In 2012, she started Travel 2U Fitness, a traveling personal training and health consulting business.From there, Jenn was hooked by the entrepreneurial spirit and helping women thrive!

Jenn wrote and published her book, Dear Couch, We’re Through! and started her podcast, Dear Couch. She then went on to create an online life transformation coaching business – Jenn Benson Wellness, coaching her many female clients to more purpose and meaning in their lives.In this podcast Jenn talks about the importance of journaling and finding what brings you joy in life.

She talks about feeling unfulfilled and how making certain changes transformed her life and how she is now transforming the lives of many others.

Key Points From the Episode:

  • Ditching the corporate hustle to chase your dreams
  • The struggle we all face with finding ourselves
  • The process of seeking fulfillment in your life
  • The POWER or journaling and how to get started

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