I would like to introduce to you exercise physiologist, Dr. Ben Reuter, Ph.D.
Ben is an active practitioner, a lifetime mover, and an athlete who’s delved into the world of podcasting with two amazing podcasts. He believes that movement should be treated as a lifestyle, not just as an activity because movement is a part of what makes life complete.
A lot of us focus on just going out and kind of checking the box and going for that run and or maybe doing those sit-ups or those burpees, and hitting the gym, but then we sit in our seats and we hardly move for the rest of the day.
In this podcast, Ben talks about, as an exercise physiologist, the importance of movement as human beings related to our overall health and well-being, both mentally and physically. He shows us all of the ways it can make a tremendous impact in our dayto-day lives.
Join us for this week’s episode and learn from an incredible man with amazing insight and knowledge.

Listen to The Podcast Here

About Dr. Ben Reuter

Ben Reuter, PhD is an exercise physiologist who has delved into the world of
podcasting with Move 2 Live and Fit Lab Pittsburgh. He believes movement is a
lifestyle… not just an activity. Because movement is part of what makes life complete.

The idea for Moving2Live came from his interest in listening to long form movement related podcasts that were directed either towards professionals or the general public. The idea for FitLabPGH came during a run with his dogs when he realized that there were a variety of national fitness and movement focused podcasts, but none focusing on movement opportunities in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area.

Key Points From the Episode:

  •  Ben tells us how he became a exercise physiologist
  • How a professor from the university of Kentucky changed his life with just a 5 min conversation
  • Ben tells us his story about dealing with a detached retina and other health issues
  • Movement is a lifestyle and there are so many benefits of movement in everyday life
  • He breaks down the science of movement and the systematic nervous system and how it relates to stress
  • the benefits of steady state exercise
  • how to start moving
  • Get a sounding board to help you with your exercise routine, whether that is a professional or a friend
  • take 15 minutes outside everyday and think simple and access how you feel
  • Evaluate your life outside of movement
  • He tells us the importance of getting quality regular sleep
  • Health span vs lifespan

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

  • https://journals.lww.com/nsca-scj/pages/podcastepisodes.aspx?podcastid=1
  • https://tim.blog/podcast/
  • https://www.fitlabpgh.com/
  • https://www.movetolivemore.com/podcast

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