I would like to introduce to you a mental health speaker, educator, and trainer David Woods Bartley.
David has seen his fair share of successes and setbacks from directing a nationally recognized nonprofit to battling a life-threatening mental illness. A brutal knock-downdrag-out fight with clinical depression that led David to a suicide attempt.
Thanks to the life-saving support of many amazing people he was shown the necessity of putting ones self-care on a pedestal. David continues the important yet still challenging journey from the isolation of mental hellness, to the inclusive space of mental wellness. David has committed to moving the conversation about mental illness and suicide from the dark shadows, where they now live, to the forefront of public concern. His mission is to shine a light on the crisis and open doors to the possibility of mental health for everyone everywhere.
In this podcast, David uses his experiences in a nonprofit animal shelter to tell his stories and help his audience understand his message. He’s a phenomenal storyteller and you will get an opportunity to hear his stories on this weeks podcast.
Join us for this week’s episode and learn from an incredible man with amazing insight and knowledge.

Listen to The Podcast Here

About David Bartley

David Bartley is known as a dynamic speaker, storyteller, and trainer. With real-life
anecdotes that evoke laughter and tears, David informs and captivates audiences.
Along the way, David provides insights that enable listeners to see mental illness from a different point of view; a fresh perspective that creates an opening for mental wellness for those who suffer, their family, friends, and members of the community where they live, work and fellowship.

Through keynote and other group presentations, interactive workshops, and
specialized training programs and seminars, David helps unravel the myths and flatout lies surrounding mental illness. Once laid to rest, David substitutes fiction with truth and reality, and then equips audiences with tools and resources that lead to greater understanding.
David’s goal for each speech and workshop is the same: to shed light on the issue of mental illness, teach others how to create hope, and open doors to the possibility of mental health for all.

Key Points From the Episode:

  • David shares his journey from mental hellness to mental wellness
  • He talks his suicide attempt and becoming a survivor
  • Connection creates hope and hope saves lives
  • If you are dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts, its not your fault
  • He uses his experiences in a nonprofit animal shelter to tell his remarkable stories
  • Understanding someone from their perspective is everything
  • David shines a light on mental health awareness and the crisis that needs to be
    talked about more

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