Adam truly embodies the words Passion and Resilience as he’s grown a massively successful travel agency brand with over 500 highly motivated and engaged agents. Adam shares how chasing your passions in your work life can be incredibly rewarding both personally, spiritually… and financially. Adam shares the horrific impact the covid pandemic his had on his travel industry and how through resilience and passion… he’s not only survived… but thrived!

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About Adam Duckworth

Adam is the President & Founder of Travelmation – a Next Generation-style Travel Agency which is taking the world by storm. He leads a management team of 10 and a team of 500 Travel Agents in 40+ States. He is also is the Volunteer Coordinator at Downtown Harbor Church, a forward-thinking church committed to reaching families and embracing culture in its community. He transitioned to this role after spending nearly 15 years in family ministry. Adam also leads conferences for volunteers and serves as a communicator at Orange where he has written “Not Normal – 7 Quirks of Incredible Volunteers,” “Leading Not Normal Volunteers”, and the “Art of Group Talk – Kids.”

Key Points from Todays Episode:

• Adam talks about Travelmation, one of the fastest growing and most successful travel agencies in the world.
• As a recent father, Adam discusses parenthood and the joys and challenges of navigating it as a business owner.
• Adam discusses volunteering as a skillset of leadership and business growth
• Adam explains the importance of passion and how it’s an anchor in all he does.
• Adam discusses Covid and how it drastically impacted the travel industry and how he has navigated the sea of challenges.

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