Blessed to have a world world class athlete and gentleman on the show today in professional triathlete Steve McKenna. Steve hails from Australia and is taking the triathlon scene by storm. This lifetime athlete was injured a few years ago playing Australian rules football. That injury required rehab of swimming and biking… and so began his passion for endurance sports. Just a year later Steve went Pro as a triathlete.
Since then his blistering race times have made him one of the top in the world nearly over night. Learn some of Steve’s secrets to success and recovery as an athlete… some of which you would never suspect would make a difference!

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About Steve Mckenna

Allow me to introduce to you Professional Triathlete Steve McKenna, Steve’s first Triathlon was in 2015, where discovered his passion for triathlon following a broken leg and ankle injury during a game of Aussie Rules Football. After 15 weeks on crutches he began the rehabilitation of his leg which involved stationary cycling and swimming. During this time, he rediscovered his love for endurance and came to realize what he really

wanted to pursue in life, which was competing at an elite level again.

Within a short period of 12 months he gained a professional license in long course triathlon.

In his first three years within the sport he was awarded South Australian Triathlete of the year and has finished in the top 10 in every professional race. His plan was to continue to climb the long course world rankings, when in early 2018 he was contacted by the Australian High Performance Triathlon director who gave him the opportunity to gain experience in professional short course ITU racing.

After some success in short course, notably placing 6th at the Oceania Olympic Distance Championship 2018, he found that my passion lied in long course. 2019 was his break through year, just 4 years after learning how to cycle and swim – he ended up 2nd overall in the Challenge Family world series after targeting this brands races.

Many in the triathlon community are starting to ask “who is this bloke”!

Well this Aussie has recently decided that if he’s “going to take the island he needs to burn the boats”…. and go all in!

In the height of covid Steve left his job and put school on pause to master and focus ONE thing… being the best triathlete in the world…. And it’s showing.

Please join us for this incredible podcast, filled with life lessons from such an incredible man with a life changing story.

Key Points From the Episode:

  • Inside look into the life of a professional triathlete.
  • Importance in having discipline in everything you do.
  • Having the courage to jump and grow your wings on the way down.
  • Life lessons Steve has learned from being a professional athlete.

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