Allow me to introduce to you one of the most well balanced and grounded individuals you’ll likely ever come in contact with, Chaz Bagwell. Take 45 minutes out of your day to hear Chaz’s incredible story of how he chased his dream of playing in the big leagues with a fury and intensity that was conditioned into him at a young age. Learn how he turned this painful journey, that ultimately failed, into the greatest lesson in his life…. and how through that experience he’s achieved massive success. Chaz’s ability to articulate what’s really important in life serves as the canvass that we all should be painting our story. Please join us for this incredible podcast, rich with life lessons that we can all take in our pursuit of becoming the absolute best version of ourselves.

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About Chaz Bagwell

Like many Chaz went through hardships and challenges in his life, however how he approached them and how he grew from them is really what separates this incredible guest. He is not only an incredible athlete, but he’s an incredible businessman. Chaz was a three sport athlete growing up, chased a major league baseball career, and had the opportunity to work out with some of the great MLB future Hall of Famers. After having multiple bi-lateral hip replacements in his early 20’s Chaz continued to chase his dream of playing pro ball … but came up short. While most would take a negative turn in their life in reaction to this, Chaz did the polar opposite. He used his failure as a catalyst of the immense success he has today.


Key Points From the Episode:

  • Potty training life
  • Lifetime friendships
  • Chaz’s life changing story
  • Chaz shares how he struggled with his health
  • Chaz shares how he moved forward with his life after struggling with his health
  • Living Holistic
  • How changing what you eat can change your life
  • Chaz’s life changing journey in West Africa
  • We only have one life, don’t waste it.

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