“I ought to use video on my website,” but usually, you ignore it.

And the nagging thought surfaces from time to time, but you ignore it again and again.

Because making a website video is totally different from writing, right? And you can’t master everything. Plus, you are not sure whether the return on investment is worth your sweat.

You feel stuck.

Sound familiar?  No worries, let’s get you unstuck, educated and empowered on all things video!

What is website video content?

Website video content takes the form of explainer videos, vlogs, live videos, animated GIFs, customer testimonials, webinars, lead magnets and recorded presentations.

Website video content keeps your visitors on the website longer and engages them.  Google likes this!

People buy from those they know, like and trust.  Establishing this trust can be challenging digitally with writing and images only.  Video helps tell the story, and humanizes the business.  95% of communication is non-verbal as well, so showing off that smile, voice inflection and passion on a video is only going to increase your odds of conversion.

Don’t believe me, listen to the numbers! These statistics will show why you’re making a grave mistake by failing to use the powerful medium.

Statistics that prove you need a video for your website

According to recent statistics, 55% of people watch videos online every day, and 65% of people who watch videos watch more than ¾ of a video. According to Cisco’s white paper, video consumes 80% of online traffic in 2020.

Another study showed that the average person would spend 100 minutes daily watching online videos in 2021 – a 19% increase from 2019, which stood at 84.

The bottom line….

Video is gradually becoming the most effective channel in enhancing digital marketing initiatives.

But, there is a problem…

Many marketers new to video marketing will publish a few videos, track their performance for a few weeks, then throw in the towel in frustration when the strategy doesn’t seem to bear fruit.

We have tried video marketing, and it never worked,” they’ll say, then move onto the next channel to find their silver bullet.

But the truth is, they didn’t give website video marketing a fair chance.

It takes TIME!

Video is how people consume content.

People browsing the internet are impatient and have short attention spans.  The fact is human beings in general have short attention spans.  We aren’t going to change human nature, but we sure can cater to it.

Video allows your visitors to consume more content, faster, and passively. Website visitors are likely to engage more with videos than with static text, hence creating more interactive and visual content.

According to YouTube, the second largest search engine globally reports more than 1 billion unique users monthly, almost ⅓ of total internet users. Also, viewers retain 95% of the message when watching it on Facebook and Youtube videos compared to 10% when reading blocks of text.

Boom, that’s HUGE!

Now, let’s find out why video is vital for your website.

Benefits of using video on the website

Digital marketers have access to many marketing channels, and website video marketing is one of them with the widest-reaching benefits. Video marketing enables other media such as content marketing to be more effective.

A successful website video marketing machine will also benefit all stages of your marketing funnel.

Here’s how.

1. Video Provides an Immediate and Emotional Connection.

Why are documentaries, reality television shows, talk shows, sports, news, cooking shows increasing in popularity?

Because people find them more trustworthy and videos affect emotions with urgency and enhanced factual believability. The power of video drives an emotional response.

The voice in the video reveals a lot more than just simple words. It conveys emotion, the level of excitement or frustration the speaker is experiencing, and its inner state of being.

The emotional connection and believability are what you want for conversion.

Emotion sells!

2. Increase Website Traffic

Apart from a few exceptions, you can’t convert people who never visited your website.

Experienced digital marketers look to video marketing to drive traffic to their websites and grow their customer base.

The best part about website video marketing strategy is that it drives targeted and qualified traffic to your site.

Create valuable videos that are highly relevant to your products and video content your visitors are seeking, so they are likely to be warmer leads.

The warmer the lead, the more likely the lead will become a new and repeat customer.

3. Improve Brand Awareness

Let’s say you were to launch a new fitness apparel brand from scratch. You have no traffic, no brand awareness and no customers. Absolutely no one knows you.

But then you begin publishing consistent video content that’s high quality, and your ideal customers – beginner fitness enthusiast – start to see your brand name when searching for fitness content.

On YouTube, the 30-Minutes Morning Fat Burning Cardio Workout video you developed is popping up when they’re searching for guided cardio workout videos. That’s brand awareness.

Use video to humanize your brand and connect with your audience with a close face to face interaction as possible. Emotions tend to motivate people’s decision-making and the actions they take. Both sound and moving images appeal to their senses.

The video showcases your brand’s personality and helps your audience get a better sense of who you are and what you stand for. It builds trust in your business and creates an emotional connection – the reason they’ll keep coming back.

Website video marketing is extremely powerful in building brand awareness online.

4. Improves Website Experience

You can no longer have a website as a static brochure site. Successful businesses use their websites to create compelling experiences around their brand.

Smart digital marketers look for ways to connect and build a relationship with their audience. They know connections increase customer loyalty over time.

Video on your website supplements visitors’ experience and builds the connections you need to grow your business.

Videos demonstrate your products, share your expertise, or tell your story.


5. Inbound Marketing strategy

Search Engine Optimization – YouTube is the second largest search engine globally, and Google owns it. Google is the largest search engine.

Every keyword you target is an opportunity to create a video for your website.

And the best part…

Google displays website videos in their search results, which boosts your chances to rank for specific keywords.

According to ReelSEO statistics, people are 41% more likely to open a video link than plain text content.

Video is also great for SEO because it keeps your visitors on your website longer. The longer a visitor stays on your page determines how well the page will rank in search results. Google gets a signal that your page is valuable.

Easy distribution on social media and email – Video content is highly shareable across all distribution networks – which drives more people to your content and site rather than away from it.

Boost online sales – eCommerce websites use video to convert visitors to customers once they enter the sales funnel. 72% of customers prefer to learn about the product by way of video.

6. Video on the website homepage boosts SEO and increases conversion rates.

Your primary goal of creating a website is to drive traffic and find potential customers online. Therefore, you must search for unique ways to increase your website traffic – and video on the website homepage is one of them.

You can’t afford to lose prospective customers who visit your website. You need to keep them engaged and stick to your website.

  • Video on the website homepage exposes your value proposition and encourages them to take a specific action.
  • They help your site to rank better in Google. Websites with embedded videos have an increased chance of featuring on the first page of Google.
  • Video has the most considerable impact on many audiences. com confirmed that 88% of visitors prefer to adhere to a site when there are videos on the homepage.
  • Video on the website homepage simplifies your product benefits. They are exciting, attractive, and engaging.
  • Video on the website homepage increases the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand. Create interactive videos, set up live stream events, and ask your audience to participate. Let them ask questions about your services or products and explain how they will solve their problems.

Use such endeavors to turn even skeptical buyers to rely on your brand above others.

Having looked at why website videos are essential for your website, you might be wondering what kind of videos you need for your website.

Let’s have a look


Types of videos that matter for most websites

All the benefits we have discussed above sum up to 3 types of purposes or videos.

If you want the best chance to capitalize on your time and efforts, focus on the following types of videos.

  1. Interactive Video is a brand new style of video that allows your customers to make decisions and choices by touching the buttons in the video. This takes them on a unique journey through a web of connected videos as they continue to make their choices.  These decisions ultimately take them to a call to action directly inside of the video that boosts conversion dramatically.  Contact us if you are interested in learning more about this revolutionary style of video.
  2. Presentation/Explainer Video that tells viewers what your business does and the problem is solves for them as the consumer.
  3. Testimonial Video allows viewers to hear what they can expect from past customers.

Tips for best website video marketing practice

Okay, now you have terrific reasons why you should incorporate video in your digital marketing activities or learning video marketing.

However, how do you make a video that’s engaging and optimized? Here are some tips.

  1. Figure out the ideal video length for your platform.
  2. Include captions for autoplay to ensure the best engagement, accessibility, and boost your SEO.
  3. Always keep the video on silent, especially if it is on your landing page to scare your viewers away, but add subtitles.
  4. Keep your videos mobile friendly across the board.
  5. Practice acceptable SEO standards and always check your metrics.
  6. Develop a standard library of your videos, keep them organized on YouTube, and then incorporate them into other forms of content such as emails and blogs.
  7. Always remember your call-to-actions, which consists of little annotation suggestions that users subscribe to your channel.

However, even with all the tips, you need to meet your audience’s expectations for you to convert them after watching your video.

If this all sounds a bit overwhelming, we highly suggest hiring a video professional to assist with creating your online videos.


Unleash the Proven Power of video on Your Website

Let’s cut the chase.

You no longer have any reason to keep ignoring video.

We understand the myriad options can overwhelm you.  Take a deep breath and start by asking yourself:

Do you think video can help your site?

It’s that simple.

Adapt Media Agency aims to change the way you approach your video marketing strategy.

The team will help you create videos that…

  • Stand the test of time without becoming less effective or going out of style.
  • Provides an outstanding return on investment that improves with time.
  • Do 10X duty without 10X work or investment.

So crawl out of your locker of invisibility and give yourself a shot at becoming highly visible via video.

Contact Adapt Media Agency today and let them help you attract, convert, and retain your raving fans into buying customers.

The results are magical.

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